Fabric Connections, Bellows and Joints

Stitched Flexible Fabric Bellows, Gaiters, Connectors & Compensators for all industries.

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Bespoke Fabric Joints

We have extensive knowledge of all types of flexible fabric bellows, connections and expansion joints, as well as a variety of other individual industrial components where use dictates a flexible fabric for the application.

Manufacturing and Technical Expertise

We manufacture using a comprehensive range of materials, both in natural and synthetic fibres. Bellows and joints are designed, cutt and stitched with techniques that now achieve an outstanding degree of fine tolerance and durability. 

Solutions for all applications

We can offer manufactured flexible fabric connections/compensators for the most challenging of applications. They are produced to be resistant to either high temperature or extreme cold, to be unaffected by either oils or chemicals, and to be resistant to abrasion and extreme weather conditions. The fabric we use for our bellows can be used from -60 deg.C right up to +250 deg.C

Materials and Construction

Fabrics we manufacture bellows and joints from include PVC and Polyurethane coated nylons, sound barrier mats and glass cloths coated with neoprene rubber, silicone rubber or aluminised film. For added chemical resistance Viton and Hypalon coated glass cloths are available. The majority of flexible connections/compensators are sewn in either Kevlar or ptfe/glass fibre thread and for high temperature applications, stainless steel thread is used. 

Steel Work and Fabrication

With a large majority of Fabric joints and bellows there is the consideration of supporting steel work or fabrication. We are ideally suited to supply the complete solution with in house capability of full design and manufacture of steel work and supporting structures.

·      Flexible fabric ventilation duct connectors and compensators 

·      Flexible flange connectors and compensators

·      Stitched Fabric Bellows

·      Screw Jack and cylinder rod protection

·      Split and resealable bellows - Velcro or stud fasteners

Bellows can also be fitted with extension control tapes, internal supports and breather vents.